The Anointed Fellowship Praise Church, formally known as Apostolic Holiness Church of our Lord Jesus Christ, was established and organized in 1976. The church was founded by Bishop James M. Miller, Jr. He believed God’s divine purpose and plan for his life, stepped out on faith, and started a church in a two-room building. Regular worship services were held at least three times a week, including several weekly revival services.

As the Word of God was preached, our membership grew and began to expand into surrounding counties.  Pastor Miller informed the church that God was leading him to expand our ministry. He instructed the congregation to unite in prayer and fasting for seven days to seek God’s guidance. On the 7th day, the Lord answered our prayers and blessed us to acquire a new church building in Cumberland, VA.

In 1986, Apostolic Holiness Church opened a second location in Richmond, VA., due to an increase in membership and to serve the community. Later in 1989, Pastor Miller went to visit and worship with church members stationed in the U.S. Armed Services in Panama City, Panama.  There, he preached the Word of God and as a result became overseer of two Apostolic Holiness Churches in Panama. In the year of 1997, our Pastor assisted Elder Alphonso Muir and congregation in building a new church sanctuary, and many souls came to worship and learn of God’s love and his saving grace.

On November 23, 1997, Elder Miller was consecrated to the office of Bishop by the Honorable Bishop R. Hayes; Pastor of the Charlottesville Church of Christ, Bibleway Church Worldwide.

In the year of 2002, our Richmond location was closed due to business development. Bishop Miller encouraged the saints to keep our faith in God; that when one door closes, God would open another.

As the membership continued to grow in Cumberland, renovations and additions were completed. However; Bishop Miller still believed that God had something more for the church. One Sunday in March 2008, he spoke to the congregation and said, “The time is now for us to prepare to move closer to the city of Richmond”. This was the beginning of the Vision3 Project, going from Vision to Victory.

A few days after the announcement, Bishop Miller knew God had given the church favor and our prayers of faith were answered when we were contacted the same day by a realtor regarding the listing of a church building for sale, in east Henrico, VA. Through it all, the church was blessed to close the sale on that building on August 18, 2008.

The Lord placed on our Pastor’s heart to consider changing the church’s name from the Apostolic Holiness Church, Inc. to Anointed Fellowship Praise Church, Inc. The church members were in agreement and the change became effective on July 2, 2008. Our new name is not just mere organized words, but is defined as meaning: the Christ (the Anointed One); has taken residence (his Fellowship) in our joyous (Praise); in His sanctuary (the Church); for what He was going to do for His people, and that’s what He wanted to be known and recognized as. Yet, for an appointed time, the vision shall speak and shall not lie; to God be the Glory for what He has done.